Newton Citywide Youth Baseball provides children the opportunity to play baseball. Our twi-lite league is for 16-18 year old players. This is a wood bat league, that is recreational and competitive.

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We are proud to be introducing Newton Citywide Youth Baseball for residents of Newton.  Newton Citywide Youth Baseball League has been established to keep kids playing baseball where current programs are not being offered.  

Newton Citywide Youth Baseball League is a group of individuals with many years experience running Newton Youth Sports.    A group of fathers that have had their children go through the system or some still playing.   All of us have coached baseball at different levels for several years.  We are creating more opportunities for those who love the game of baseball and just want to play.   

Understanding that not every player can commit to baseball 24/7, we have programs designed for those who have limited availability.  Little Sluggers Division was created for those who want to introduce their children to baseball on Saturday mornings, not longer being offered by Little League.   Recognizing the fact most players stop after Babe Ruth League, we have created the Twi-lite Division for the 16-18 year olds.  We know that not everyone can play high school baseball. There are many players and few spots available.  This is a very important and busy time period for students and not everyone can commit that much time to baseball.   This division will play 2 games a week on Sunday and Wednesday nights 6:00pm & 8:30pm.

We want to make baseball fun and affordable, and most importantly for everyone that wants to play, to have an opportunity.  N.C.Y.B. programs are recreational and competitive with less time commitment and travel.   Our goal is to have children playing and enjoying baseball.  These new programs have been designed to fit the needs of every player.    All players registered will be placed on a team.