Newton Citywide Youth Baseball provides children the opportunity to play baseball. Our twi-lite league is for 16-18 year old players. This is a wood bat league, that is recreational and competitive.

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The Newton Citywide Youth Baseball League(NCYB) has been established to allow greater opportunity for children and teens who wish to play the game of baseball by offering programs not currently available from other youth leagues.

NCYB has been organized by a group of individuals experienced in Newton Youth Sports, both at the coaching and administrative level, in hopes of creating more programs for those who love the game of Baseball and wish to play in an atmosphere that promotes not only fun and fair play, but also puts emphasis on community and the team experience.  

Little Sluggers Spring Division was created for those who want to introduce their children to Baseball,and play in the more traditional Saturday Morning slot. Our Summer programs 5-12 are designed to allow kids to play beyond spring and at a level consistent with their age but in a more relaxed setting. 

Recognizing that programs currently offered stop after Babe Ruth for the large majority of players, and realizing there is a demand for teens to keep playing we have created the Twilite Division for ages 15-19. Focusing on players aged 16-18, the Twilite program will be moderately competitive, with standings and playoffs, and games played twice each week from June to early August.

By making Baseball fun and affordable, we hope to create opportunity for anyone that wants to play. These new programs have been designed to fit the needs of every player,whether just starting out or into the competative spirit that comes as players age. All players registered will be placed on teams.

Newton Citywide Baseball league is a non-profit 501(3)c, all volunteer organization. NCYB is not currently affiliated with any National Youth Baseball program,public or private.